Campfire Mocha

Once upon a time I was a barista, and let me tell you, I like my sugar and cream with a side of coffee. I enjoyed combining crazy concoctions then, and I enjoy mixing up flavors now. I pitched this recipe in lieu of a tent, when snow lay on the ground outside. It’s a crackling campfire; a roasty, toasty marshmallow mocha sauce perfect for your latte or to dip your graham crackers in.

½ c cocoa powder

1/3 c sugar

1/3 c water

1 c mini marshmallows

Vanilla extract

Pinch of salt

Begin by unfurling your sleeping bag, or pitching a hammock. Or actually, if you’re home, let’s start by placing cocoa powder, sugar, and water into a small to medium sauce pan on low heat. Heat mixture until sugar is dissolved, whisking frequently. Lower heat, and meanwhile prepare marshmallows by spreading them out on a cookie sheet lined with foil. Broil briefly in oven, and watch carefully. Do not let marshmallows burn. Remove them quickly as they begin to turn golden brown. In the case you char your marshmallows, discard into mouth, and try again. While I love a charred marshmallow usually, in this recipe it’ll be too bitter and upset the chocolate. After marshmallows have been toasted, carefully scrape off of foil and into chocolate mix. Please do not burn yourself, please. Gently whisk marshmallows into chocolate mix over low to medium heat until all of the marshmallows have dissolved, maybe five or so minutes. If your mixture is too thick, whisk in a touch extra water. Turn heat off, and add a small pinch of salt and vanilla extract. Add to a hot, iced, or blended latte. This would also go great on some vanilla ice cream. If so desired, toast additional marshmallows to top drink. Store in the fridge for seven to ten days.

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