Crimson Sunset

In addition to the very sweet life I lead, I also partake in fruits and vegetables, it’s a very necessary balance and in my opinion, a delicious one. I’ve been dubbed the salad queen for my frequent piles of greens along with anything and everything in both my refrigerator and cupboard. I consume a lot of fruit, like a lot a lot. Which is all to say, I love sugary confections, and I also love produce.

I was the recent recipient of a juicer, and have been much enjoying tossing a variety of goods down the chute to create rainbow cups. The below combination made for a well rounded, lightly sweet, deep crimson sunset.

2 (or so) cooked beets

3 oranges

2 mangos

4 carrots

If you enjoy your juice cold, be sure to store your goods in the refrigerator before preparing. The day prior, quarter and steam beets (I don’t actually know if they need to be cooked, but it worked), then return to refrigerator. Cut a slice or two of orange for your glass, and then remove the orange rinds leaving little baldy spheres. Cut mangos and peel them, making about four quadrants out of each. Cut carrots into three portions so they’re more manageable for the juicer.

To my understanding, you want to drink juice fresh, so when you’re ready to enjoy, press produce according to the instructions of your respective machine admiring the pretty colors as you stir to combine. Pour your juice, plop a couple ice cubes in if so desired, serve with a little pizazz, and feel juiced up and ready to start your day.

Cinnamon Sugar Mocha

I’ve long been a consumer of the countless varieties and sugary offerings on the cereal aisle. My age reflects adulthood, but my heart is still child as I indulge in chocolatey crunch, or maybe sweets puffs polka dotted with marshmallows. I munch these indulgences while tracing my finger on the back of the box to complete the maze for the stranded cereal mascot. Bonus points are awarded to any breakfast offering me a prize; a spoon that changes color with cold milk, or maybe a little action hero figurine.

Inspired by the brilliance and innovation of my partner, who one morning out of sheer creativity and unbridled joy, combined cocoa pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch; a cinnamon sugar mocha studded with a twinkling rim.

1 tbsp cinnamon (reduce quantity if you want it a little more mild)

2 tbsp special dark cocoa powder

2 tbsp + 2 tsp sugar

2 tbsp + 2 tsp brown sugar

About 1/2 tsp salt

About 1 tsp vanilla extract

6 tbsp hot water

Combine ingredients and whisk until well incorporated and sugar is somewhat dissolved. Store in the refrigerator, and add desired amount to your hot or iced lattes. If you’re feeling fancy, paint the edge of your mug with some sauce, dip into a combination of sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon, add a dollop of homemade whipped cream, and dust with cocoa and cinnamon.