• S’mores Galore
    With the hot sun waning, and summer descending into a welcomed autumn, I paid final homage to a balmy season of wildflowers with a deep, dark chocolate s’mores mess (like they’re supposed to be). I layered graham cracker crumb with an overwhelmingly chocolate and coffee spiked brownie, topped with toasted marshmallows for an indoor campfire […]
  • Top of the Muffin to You
    Cake for breakfast is quite standard for me. I approach the specimen with a bottom to top principle, eating the fluffy body first, and leaving thick streusel for the final, delightful bite. I will eat most any flavor of muffin, always warm, and perhaps with a touch of butter into the steaming middle. As I […]
  • Crimson Sunset
    In addition to the very sweet life I lead, I also partake in fruits and vegetables, it’s a very necessary balance and in my opinion, a delicious one. I’ve been dubbed the salad queen for my frequent piles of greens along with anything and everything in both my refrigerator and cupboard. I consume a lot […]

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